Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hard Luck Canyon

Look at this face carved into the canyon wall. It's a bit over exposed but you can see it's definitely a face. I'll go back and take a better pic soon. I am petrified of heights, not that it holds me back much but my muscles were so tight I could barely move at this point and sat down to wait while Bob snapped this one. The face is actually much clearer, the carving is exquisite. The tip of the nose has boken off. I think there may actually be another figure to the right. You can juse see a bit of in here. I can hardly wait until tomorrow to go back and take more pics. Such a spectacular find!

This is a pic taken accross the canyon from mid way up on the stairs. Bob's hands are so huge that the camera looked like a toy in them. He somehow managed to roll the dial from landscape to micro so we got this oddness. So over exposed again but at least we got something.

A view of the opposite wall with a waterfall. This location came as a huge surprise to me. It is only now being developed for recreation. Bob said he use to walk up the creek to this point to fish when the water was a bit higher.

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