Friday, June 19, 2015

Blog has been down for a long time.

No idea what is going on but when I try to sign in I get an advert for Neroworks which is the company that provided my blog counter.
Let's just see if this posts!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thumb Text Salute - or - Jack Horner Thumb Girl!

Ok so here's the thing. A few weeks ago, well it was in april so probably 6 weeks ago, I did a complete revamp in my wee studio. Trashed a bunch of unsightly wire shelving. I like "smooth" surfaces and not so much visual noise. Yes indeed. I pushed, pulled and hauled a lot of furniture all by my wee self. Not too smart but who else could have done all that you might ask? Bobalouis that's who. But I am a straight ahead kind of gal so I went straight ahead and did it myself.

I had a large horse shoe desk, a library study caroll - 92"x24 wire shelving, Ikea style cabinets and the closet completely transformed into paper storage. So crowded that I decided to remove the desk as well as the wire shelving and keep "supplies" in the basement storage and tools and media in the studio.So being the foo that I am I hefted one L shaped piece of the desk which is one side support, on top of my noggin, and gingerly carried it downstairs.

Those things are allen keyed together. Der. First one made the trip down safely but the second end.. well Bobalouis tried to "help" me at the foot of the stairs. He lifted the part that was resting on my head up a bit and the part that was hanging down my back let go and fell straight down. The piece on my head became a spinning projectile and hit the wall with such force it put a huge dent! Worse my thumb was in the way! Long old story.

So here's the thing. I did not relate the bruise with the event because it showed up days later and I actually thought my thumb texting was the culprit. My thumb has been a Jack Horner thumb ever since. The pain is bad. It stands stock straight and will not respond. I have heated it, massaged it, pulled on it and otherwise abused it but still nothing. Doc prescribed anti inflammatory ointment which thankfully does not smell like old people but still nothing. Aleve does nothing, Naproxin puts me out of my misery to the extent that I completely lose consciousness so only take it before bed. I don't wake with pain so I assume it is working in some way but still the thumb stays up!

So returning yet again to the doc, he gave me a requisition for x-Ray and blood work. My girlfriend says it sounds like RA. It's bad but on the up side, I still have one thumb that works! If this doesn't get rectified soon I will bestow a new nick name upon myself.

That's my rant!

PS I didn't thumb text this I promise!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Bridget and George Chuvalo!

Strong GIRL! 

Love you Bridget!

ATCs - April/May 2014

A couple of ATCs I created for a swap with Laura. I used water colour paper as my base, adhered it to chipboard. Used a variety of methods for colour including acrylic paint, distress ink, Stazon ink. water colour, water colour pencil. Foam dots to add dimension. 


DIY Enamel Dots From Pony Beads - April/May 2014

These Enamel Dots are so quick and easy to create using pony beads. I'll post a vid on my blog that walks you through the process.


Captured Fairy

I am reposting these fairy jars I created for two different Captured Fairy swaps. I'm in the process of creating yet another one! 

Journal 52 - Smile - Jester Marionette Sketch

While "Pinning" myself to sleep one night I came across this picture of a jester marionette. Both of which I am very fond. So inspired was I that I hopped up out of bed and skittered into my crafty space to root out a sketch pad and pencil. 

This piece took me all of about 30 minutes and I am very pleased with the rendition. I decided to go back to Pinterest and take a pic of the original. so using my iPhone, I believe, I snapped the one you see above - coloured.

I just love this piece. 

Thank you to the original artist, whoever you are. I just love when something fills my lungs that way. *deep jagged sigh*


Altered Eyeglass Case NLI - May 2014

I started with a fairly large eyeglass case. I liked the texture. Gesso was the order of the day to create a base. Then I mixed three reds - acrylic craft paints, and painted the outside. Pretty simple eh? I found it needed three coats of red and two of the gesso. I didn't want any of the original pattern to show through and wanted the red to be strong. 

My trim stash is pretty good so I decided to do a band around the case, in the style of a choker. The cameo had a loop at the top and I wrestled with ways to hang that little Eiffel Tower from it. Then my friend, with whom I sometimes Skype while creating, suggested removing the cameo and adhering it upside down. Genius! lol

I adhered the trim using Crafters Ultimate Pic glue. I have to say this is my go - to glue for most things. To adhere the cameo I used E-6000. I've filled the case with bling and a tiara for her wee little noggin! 

Hope you live it Terri!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I celebrated Mother's Day this year with my amazing son Alex. I am so proud of my son. Of the young man he has become. 

Thank you Alex for acknowledging me by entertaining my wish to be surrounded by beautiful flowers. The Enjoy Centre in Edmonton was perfect. You validated me, made me feel wanted and loved. Thank you so much for that and for introducing me to the all time BEST breakfast joint I have ever been to! The time we spent over lunch and especially alone together after the meal was priceless. lol And dinner the previous evening.. well I chuckle as I write. 

You are truly one of a kind!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Has Sprung Card

I created this card using a cut file from The rolled flowers are from a separate file and the little tiny butterfly is from yet another.


Silhouette Cut File - Rolled Flowers etc.

These are so fun and easy to create. Roll and glue - DONE!


6 x 6 for Easter Tag Kit - April 2014

I fussy cut the flower behind the Silhouette cut bunny from a curtain I thrifted. The Bunny's tail is a DIY enamel dot I created. I cut the envie using a cut file from as well with my Cameo. There are odds and ends to create a tag in the envie and attached to the front as seen. The egg is from an easter sprig. It's twinkly!


Matchbox Swap - April 2014

Matchbox Swap - On my Facebook Group - Beautiful Junk

Everything was to be in your stash. Nothing new!
I used a scrap of Prima Fairy Belle from my stash, some silk and paper flowers, a crochet flower, a flat back pearl, some gorgeous embroidered flower trim. I used two sprigs from a candle wreath, a paper bird cut from a scrap of Daisy Collins Printables - Check her out on Tsunami Rose Designs - Zibbet store. I created the eggs in the nest with those nubs from the candle wreath and the nest from some wood strands.

Inside the box I included a hand made bracelet and flower and some other goodies!

So fun!


Matchboxes created for a swap on one of my Facebook Crafty/Artsy groups April 2014.

Matchbooks shown here have little expansion pockets and "cards" which I have punched holes into in order to put stick pins in. Lovely presentation for stick pin swaps and also for matchbook with goodie swaps. Loved creating these for my partner!


Matchbox/Matchbook swap over on one of my secret Facebook crafty/arsty groups. April 2014

Stick pins fit inside a pocked in the matchbook. Will post pics of how that works.


Prima Doll Tag & Armoire - FSSS Spring 2014

"How Does Your Garden Grow"

I created this doll tag using one of the original Julie Nutting for Prima stamps. Love her. There is a description of the things used in creating this tag and armoire in an earlier post. I did follow Bona's tut on Youtube to create the armoire using one of my Punch Boards. 


FSSS Spring Swap - How Does Your Garden Grow - Hand made goodie bag, topper and sentiment

"How Does Your Garden Grow"

Created for my sweet sissy over on FSSS for the Spring 2014 swap.

Using a cut file and my Cameo I created this little goodie bag. I've used Prima Fairy Belle collection together with some textured card stock. The bag portion I created from my wee noggin. The topper is from
I've filled it with a few little goodies. Some won't fit but I put them into the box all the same.


FSSS Spring Swap - Altered Cigar Box - Inside

"How Does Your Garden Grow"

There are hand made fabric flowers, flower bases for my sweet sissy to use in her own flower making, hand made pansy's cut with my cameo and some wonderful purple appliqué flowers. I've also included some Michael's buttons and a little container of those delish DIY enamel dots I created. Also I've included some lace trims and two different packages of wood wafers. One is all butterflies and dragonflies, the other is flowers for my sissy to alter and use in her projects. Makin' it "springy"!