Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thumb Text Salute - or - Jack Horner Thumb Girl!

Ok so here's the thing. A few weeks ago, well it was in april so probably 6 weeks ago, I did a complete revamp in my wee studio. Trashed a bunch of unsightly wire shelving. I like "smooth" surfaces and not so much visual noise. Yes indeed. I pushed, pulled and hauled a lot of furniture all by my wee self. Not too smart but who else could have done all that you might ask? Bobalouis that's who. But I am a straight ahead kind of gal so I went straight ahead and did it myself.

I had a large horse shoe desk, a library study caroll - 92"x24 wire shelving, Ikea style cabinets and the closet completely transformed into paper storage. So crowded that I decided to remove the desk as well as the wire shelving and keep "supplies" in the basement storage and tools and media in the studio.So being the foo that I am I hefted one L shaped piece of the desk which is one side support, on top of my noggin, and gingerly carried it downstairs.

Those things are allen keyed together. Der. First one made the trip down safely but the second end.. well Bobalouis tried to "help" me at the foot of the stairs. He lifted the part that was resting on my head up a bit and the part that was hanging down my back let go and fell straight down. The piece on my head became a spinning projectile and hit the wall with such force it put a huge dent! Worse my thumb was in the way! Long old story.

So here's the thing. I did not relate the bruise with the event because it showed up days later and I actually thought my thumb texting was the culprit. My thumb has been a Jack Horner thumb ever since. The pain is bad. It stands stock straight and will not respond. I have heated it, massaged it, pulled on it and otherwise abused it but still nothing. Doc prescribed anti inflammatory ointment which thankfully does not smell like old people but still nothing. Aleve does nothing, Naproxin puts me out of my misery to the extent that I completely lose consciousness so only take it before bed. I don't wake with pain so I assume it is working in some way but still the thumb stays up!

So returning yet again to the doc, he gave me a requisition for x-Ray and blood work. My girlfriend says it sounds like RA. It's bad but on the up side, I still have one thumb that works! If this doesn't get rectified soon I will bestow a new nick name upon myself.

That's my rant!

PS I didn't thumb text this I promise!

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  1. Further to this, I spend months in physio with hot wax soaks, and all manner of stretches, electrical impulse therapy to no avail. Finally in desperation I pressed as hard as I could stand it and the thing went down, bent as would a normal thumb. Aha! Cured at the hands of a frustrated artist! bwahaha