Friday, May 30, 2014

Altered Eyeglass Case NLI - May 2014

I started with a fairly large eyeglass case. I liked the texture. Gesso was the order of the day to create a base. Then I mixed three reds - acrylic craft paints, and painted the outside. Pretty simple eh? I found it needed three coats of red and two of the gesso. I didn't want any of the original pattern to show through and wanted the red to be strong. 

My trim stash is pretty good so I decided to do a band around the case, in the style of a choker. The cameo had a loop at the top and I wrestled with ways to hang that little Eiffel Tower from it. Then my friend, with whom I sometimes Skype while creating, suggested removing the cameo and adhering it upside down. Genius! lol

I adhered the trim using Crafters Ultimate Pic glue. I have to say this is my go - to glue for most things. To adhere the cameo I used E-6000. I've filled the case with bling and a tiara for her wee little noggin! 

Hope you live it Terri!

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