Sunday, March 17, 2013

6X6 Vintage Digital Printable Scrapbook Paper - "Vintage Rouge" - Brown

I did something a little different with this Tsunami Rose Designs printable. I printed if off to fit a rummy tile! I cut a portion where the rose buds are hugging the edge of the printable. I've included a link to my youtube vid of how to alter a rummy tile. The technique can be used to alter any game pieces! In this case I adhered a bail with e6000 and put it on a key ring. These little treasures can be added to dangle charms, worn as pendants. The uses are endless. Enjoy!

Click here for this printable available at Daisy Collins' Tsunami Rose Designs Zibbet store.

Click here Rummy Tile Tutorial Part 1!

Click Rummy Tile Tutorial Part 2!


  1. Loved your tutorial!! Very helpful!

  2. Catherine I love this tile
    thanks for the tutorial and videos